"Let me say that I am enjoying working with the staff at What’s Going on in the Lehigh Valley.  I am extremely pleased with the marketing support America On Wheels Museum has received.  It’s nice to work with a business that is highly responsive and customer focused as they market and spread the word about our year-round events.  I highly recommend WGOLV to others."   

                                         Linda Merkel,  Executive Director –  America on Wheels Museum

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    Nominated Best of the Valley 2019 by Lehigh Valley Magazine!

    What’s going on in the Lehigh Valley has nearly 50,000 fans and a reach averaging at least 300,000 monthly on social media as well as a well-designed web site!

    WGOLV – What’s going on in the Lehigh Valley, LLC is a very unique publication serving the Lehigh Valley. Now with over 50,000 fans on social media alone and an extremely large reach of thousands daily, it’s become a well-loved publication! It’s unique and very popular! In addition, fans who recently moved to the Lehigh Valley find it a very valuable resource and those who relocate enjoy keeping in touch.

    WGOLV offers a little bit of everything in one place – weather, news, events, music, sports and so much more. WGOLV is also very supportive of our First Responders and our Veterans.

    What Our Fans Are Saying

    “I strongly recommend WGOLV to anyone requiring exposure for any event, or any important news.  The customer service is second to none – always courteous, professional and willing  to help distribute the information.

    I have been truly blessed in finding this incredible social media outlet – WGOLV, and I am so very thankful for the expedite news forum they provide for the Borough of Bath, and to so many others here in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Truly #1 in my book!”
    — Mayor Mirabito, Borough of Bath, PA 

    “I LOVE WGOLV because it is the BEST and most informative site on a daily basis!!!  It’s my go to site when I want to know what’s happening in the Valley! I also share their posts regularly. Thank you WGOLV for the Great job you do every day!”
    — Kathy Mills

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    More Testimonials

    “What’s Going On Lehigh Valley is the perfect place to post your Lehigh Valley event.  I love reading their posts for my personal life so I knew they would be a great place to advertise our event.  The process was quick and easy, and they were able to add our post at the last minute.  Stay up to date on all the best Lehigh Valley happenings – If you’re not already following on Facebook – you should be!  
    — Christine Burke – Manager, Marketing & Events – Dutch Springs

    “I follow your page and check it every day to see what’s going on in the area and I absolutely love it! ”
    —Liz Oleksa