This morning at approximately 8:45 am Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA was on lockdown.  The Bethlehem Police Department had received an anonymous tip about a man with a firearm in the area around Liberty High School. 

After receiving the tip, Bethlehem Police Department had students and staff at Liberty High School remain in place while police officers checked the area and interior of the school.  What the  tipster observed was a student carrying a nonfunctioning drill “rifle” used for theatrical functions.  The students and staff of Liberty High School were then permitted to resume their normal day.  According to the police, there is no, nor was there ever, a threat to the school or the community.

Bethlehem Police Department would like you to know that the safety of our school students is of utmost importance and as such they will continue to investigate any reports of potential danger. We encourage anyone who feels they have knowledge of an eminent threat of violence to call 9-1-1 immediately and reserve the use of anonymous tip lines for less urgent matters.
The tip came through Safe2Say Something which is an anonymous 24 hour tip line released in January.
Any questions or information about this incident can be directed to Capt. Hackett at 610 997 7677.