Bethlehem, Pa

In an announcement today, Bethlehem Township Police  reminds residents to clean up after your dog.


More and more people are going out for walks in their neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and “Stay at home” order in Pennsylvania.

Dog owners have had more time to take their dogs out for walks as well.



According to the announcement made by the Bethlehem Township Police, more and more complaints are being received of inconsiderate neighbors failing to clean up dropped fecal matter while out for dog walks.



They remind everyone to please remember that Township Ordinance and State Law require those in control of a dog and out for a walk, in public, must clean up after the dog.   Fines range from $25.00-$300.00.   The dog must also be leashed and under control.



Please also remember to maintain social distancing when out for a walk.  This includes keeping your pet away from others.

Thank you.


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