Dunkin’ Donuts is officially dropping the name Donuts and making it Dunkin’

September 25, 2018

According to the Dunkin’ Donuts company facebook page, It’s official: We’re going by Dunkin’ now.  After 68 years of America running on Dunkin’, we’re moving to a first-name basis.

Starting in January, Dunkin’ Donuts will drop the name Donuts from their ads, signage and packaging at new and remodeled stores. The change will be gradual, but will be adopted as franchisees update their stores.

Will they be doing away with donuts?  No, they will  continue to offer new and seasonal varieties.

“While donuts may no longer appear in our logo, we remain committed to serving our signature donuts and will continue to offer new and seasonal varieties to delight donut lovers everywhere,” Tony Weisman, U.S. chief marketing officer at Dunkin’, said in a statement.


Celebrate National Coffee Day at Dunkin’ on September 29, 2018  with “Buy A Cup Get A Cup”