Starting at 7:00 am this morning through May 21st, gas and diesel fuel will not be available for motorists travelling northbound and southbound at the Allentown Service Plaza in Lehigh County according to a news release.  For the next ten weeks, 7-Eleven the Turnpikes fuel provider will be replacing the underground fuel tanks, fuel lines and installing new fuel dispensers.

Northbound motorists are advised to travel approximately 43 miles north to Hickory Run Service Plaza for fuel during this ten week period and should not stop for fuel at the Allentown Service Plaza.  Those travelling Southbound should travel to the next exit off the Turnpike for fuel according to the release from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The plaza itself will remain open to customers. All other services will be available including restaurants, convenience store and restrooms.

When entering or exiting the plaza motorists should use caution around the work zone area.