Quakertown, PA

Officer Fahringer and K9 Ranger of the Quakertown Police K9 Unit are hitting the road!

On Wednesday evening, October 2, 2019  K9 Ranger was sworn in as an Officer of the Quakertown Police Department.

He and Officer Fahringer just returned home from training in Sanford, North Carolina. For twelve weeks, K9 Ranger was training at Tarheel Canine and for the month of September was joined by Officer Fahringer.  K9 Ranger is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, article recovery, and apprehension.

K9 Ranger is a 2 year old German Shepherd.  When he and Officer Fahringer are not working, they enjoy the outdoors together.  They enjoy activities such as swimming and hiking.  Ranger also enjoys his toys.  His favorite is a  tug toy and anything that resembles a ball.  Being that Ranger is a 92 lb dog, his toys are bigger than usual.

Meet K9 Ranger and Officer Fahringer:

If you would like the opportunity to meet K9 Ranger and Officer Fahringer, they will be at Autumn Alive in Quakertown on October 19th.