Allentown, Pa

Tonight at 7::00 pm you will have the opportunity to show your support to “Save the MainGate” in Allentown.  Dominic Germano, owner of the Maingate Nightclub announced his decision to close their doors voluntarily at the end of November.  Read the full article on

Allentown City Council will vote tonight on the Noise exemption for the West End Threater District.  It not only includes the Maingate Nightclub, but other locations such a  Ringers Roost, Civic Theatre of Allentown, and Shanty on 19th

“The Noise exemption appears to be the only thing that will help us survive under mounting pressures from Liquor Control Board that has put our liquor license in serious jeopardy and led us to close our doors last year voluntarily to seek relief from our Noise problem.  A noise exemption will not allow us to be loud without limits, it just means the enforcement of noise will be handled on a local level by the Allentown Police under the local noise ordinance instead of the State of PA’s LCE and Liquor Control Board.  The local noise ordinance is much more modern and exact law that grants us more rights such as the right to face our accuser(s) while also verifying the legitimacy of complaints, the local noise ordinance also provides specific sound decibel levels that can be measured and therefore potentials managed with our Neighbors on community level so we can hopefully coexist with our neighbors like we have since 1980”, according to owner, Dominic Germano.

Dominic is asking everyone that supports their cause or even those who oppose it to show up to City Council at Allentown City Hall for this vote tonight.  If it passes and is approved by the LCB, the Maingate could once again make a comeback on their 40th anniversary of serving the Lehigh Valley sometime this spring.

Dominic adds, “Your support here would be appreciated by Myself, our Employees, and MainGate Patrons past and present. Much Love and Gratitude.”