Emmaus, PA

The Paint-A-Hydrant Program will be kicking off once again in Emmaus on Saturday, October 26th. There will be five artists/artist-teams refinishing the 5 hydrants from 6th Street to 9th Street along Chestnut Street.

The artists will be painting the hydrants from noon to 3:00 pm that day. The public is welcome to stop by to watch and speak to the artists.

One of the hydrants located at sixth and Chestnut Street is being painted as a memorial for Abbie Zukowski, the 11-year-old who lost her life at that intersection in 2015.  The design will include soccer balls, angel wings and her favorite color, purple.  The family is very excited to have a permanent memorial for her right there in the community.  The artist who will be painting that hydrant is Amy Huber.

Stop out in Emmaus on Saturday, October 26th as the artists refinish the 5 hydrants.


Hydrants that will be painted  – Courtesy Emmaus Arts