According to, Tropical Storm Chris is creating moderate to dangerous rip currents at the New Jersey shore as it strengthens into a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina.

The National Weather Service’s regional office in Mount Holly says there will be a moderate risk of dangerous rip currents along the entire Jersey Shore on Tuesday and a moderate to high risk on Wednesday.

If rip currents are high, some beaches may ban swimming while others will only allow you to go in the ocean up to your knees.

Sarah Johnson, a meteorologist at the weather service, said swimmers should always be on high alert, even on days when the risk of rip currents is deemed to be low.

“Even when you have a low risk, you still frequently see rip currents develop, particularly near piers and jetties,” she said Monday afternoon. “So even though we’re not saying there’s a high risk at this point, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk whatsoever.”



Swim where life guards are on duty and do not swim at night.

If you get caught in a rip current, what should you do? 

Don’t fight the current.  Let it take you and then swim sideways. Swim back to shore.   If you can’t swim to shore, wave you your hands and call out for assistance.  Tread water or float.



More helpful information can be found on the National Weather Service web site at


If you are at the ocean, please be very safe.


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