Hunters, set your sights on the spotted Lanternfly

I’ve been to places in the Lehigh Valley where I’ve seen quite a few of the Spotted Lanternfly.  The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is asking hunters as they travel from game land to game land to check to all their gear prior to leaving that they do not take a “hitchhiker” along…Please read the following information form the Pennsylvania

The Spotted Lanternfly

Department of Agriculture and share with others.

Hunters of Pennsylvania: As you travel from game lands to game lands this season, look before you leave for the #SpottedLanternfly.

It’s an excellent hitchhiker and an immense threat to many of our leading commodities (grapes, hops, apples, hardwoods). Check your gear, your equipment, your clothes and your vehicle before you get back on the road.

The quarantined area: