Today at 1:00 pm an incident took place on Spyglass Hill Road on Holiday Hill
According to a resident, two white males came to her front door telling the homeowner that the Borough of Bath sent them to access the back.  While the one individual went to the back of the home, the other remained at the car with their back to the resident.
The resident was suspicious and called the Borough of Bath to confirm that these men were sent there.  By the time the resident was off the phone, they had left.
The officer told the resident that they usually will have the homeowner go to the back of the home while another individual enters the home and robs it.
The vehicle is described as an older gray jeep.  They were dressed in tans pants and wore construction vests.
The Borough suggests calling the Pennsylvania State Police at 610-861-2026 if you see any suspicious activity.
Always be vigilant when opening your door to anyone you do not recognize.