On February 16, 2019 an officer was checking the parking lot of a Hampton Inn and came upon a sleeping male in his pickup truck.  According to The Colonial Regional Police Department in Bethlehem, PA, Lowy was asked to get out of his truck but refused. Lowy then put his pickup truck in to drive and drove towards an officer. The officer moved out of the way and Lowy intentionally crashed into a police SUV.  Lowy moved the SUV several feet before fleeing out of the parking lot. Police lost Lowy during the following pursuit.
David C. Lowy has several active warrants for his arrest and is described as a white male, heavy set, 5’6” tall, with gray hair and gray short beard.  He is wanted for several charges stemming from this incident.
According to police, he is driving a a red-ish Dodge Ram1500 with a PA registration of ZGA6664. The truck should have passenger side damage. It was last seen in the area of Eaton Ave in Bethlehem City.
The Colonial Regional Police Department is asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of Lowy or locates the pickup truck to call police and report it.  They can be reached at 610-861-4820