Migrating, Arctic Loons otherwise known as Red-throated loons have crash landed throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitiation and Education Center is asking the community to keep an eye open for them.

There are two main kinds of loons we see in Pennsylvania according to the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.  The Arctic Loon and also the more common, Common Loon.

Both Loons and Grebes are waterbirds that are duck-like and eat fish and other creatures.  They dive under the surface of the water.  Because their legs are far back on their bodies, it prevents them from being able to walk on land.  When they migrate, which is mainly at night, the frozen surface of asphalt appears as open water to them.  When they land anywhere that is not open water, they are stranded there. For that reason, they can die unless people find them.

According to the facebook page, everyone in Northeast Pennsylvania is asked to keep an eye open for them in driveways, roadsides and parking lots.  If you see one, they can easily be covered over with a box or thick blanket or towel (especially their head and face) and reported.

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center can be reached at 570-402-0223.

You can also call 610-435-4729 to arrange a pick up time.


This one came from Mountaintop PA, Luzerne County.


Photo courtesy – Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center