WGOLV Wildlife Minute:
This is the time of year when you will notice an increase in skunks on the roadways. The reason is that it is a skunks mating season and the males are out looking for love.  They are nocturnal and their eyesight isn’t very good.  When skunks see a car approaching they won’t back down.  Their natural instinct is to stop and stomp as a warning.  Of course, that doesn’t work well with cars.  For that reason, many are killed on the roadways at this time of year.  I’ve also received messages about them being hit in neighborhoods.
If you see a skunk and you can safely slow down, please provide them extra time to cross the road.  It’s not always possible to do so but it will help protect them from being harmed and killed.
Photo courtesy Pocono Wildlife and Rehabilitation and Education Center