Bethlehem, Pa

This Friday evening join Bethlehem native and actor, Daniel Roebuck as he guest hosts an intimate Cocktail Party at the Red Stag Pub Great Room in Bethlehem to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) of the Lehigh Valley.  This National organization focuses on pediatric leukemia and lymphoma research and locally assists families with individual needs.

Roebuck is a Bethlehem Catholic graduate.  His first feature film, “Getting Grace” debuted in Bethlehem in 2018.    Roebuck has also appeared in well known television programs such as “Lost” and “Matlock”, along with films such as “The Fugitive” and “U.S. Marshals.”


The Red Stag Pub is located at 534 Main Street Bethlehem.   The Cocktail party begins at 5:00 pm.

Join us for an intimate gathering of friends to support leukemia and lymphoma pediatric research and prelude to the upcoming Man and Woman of the Year celebration to raise funds for on-going research for children through LLS.


To Purchase Tickets:

To purchase tickets for this event, please visit the Red Stag Pub web site.   Tickets are $50.00 each and limited to 50 people.

Charity Cocktail Party with guest host Daniel Roebuck!


A letter from Linda Shay Gardner:

Dear Friends…

My life changed this past year, and we expect certain changes as we age,  and we can still hear our mothers saying “well, wait until you are my age”, and we are not always prepared to believe that “the best is yet to come.”

Clichés aside, we must be ready to accept and embrace the changes we each experience. I was not ready when I was told that I have a form of lymphoma, which is treatable, but not curable.  After believing it cannot be true, or that this couldn’t happen to me, I began to accept the situation that I am in, and I began to look at ways that this negative part of my life could become a positive.  Although for a while I just hid my head in the sand, I eventually realized that was not the way that I usually attack problems, and I needed to find a way through this dilemma to a better outcome for others.

Ironically,  an invitation to a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) mixer popped up on my desktop and I realized I had found my way to a better outcome for others.  I was invited to be a candidate for the Man and Woman of the Year campaign in 2020 to raise funds for pediatric leukemia and lymphoma research. Of course, while that is a hard assignment for many of us, I decided to create a way for friends and new acquaintances to participate in a meaningful way without being too intrusive.

My prognosis is quite good, but imagine those children that are on public assistance, whose families may not even be able to afford “co pays” or do not even understand the importance of medical attention when something just doesn’t feel right.  At a recent LLS office gathering, I was thrilled to meet a number of children who have been stricken with Leukemia or Lymphoma, and whose lives have been turned upside down by the diagnosis. I was drawn to one family’s circumstances in particular.  They have two little girls, one is eight and one is five. Nearly two years ago, the eight year old needed a bone marrow transplant, and her five year old sister was a match for her. Can you imagine being 3 and 5 and having these serious health concerns thrown upon you?  I couldn’t and as I listened to the parents explain their life at CHOP in Philadelphia, I was in awe of their resolute determination and dedication to both their children. They told me that every day outside of their hospital room, they watched as new buildings arose in the skyline and the importance of being with their children as their new lives were being built, not out of steel as the skyline buildings, but our of love, dedication, and hope for research for a cure.    Eighteen months later, both girls are doing quite well, and I was so honored to be with them as they colored and painted pictures. My favorite, and the centerpiece of my auction events is a picture of the hands of these precious girls Intertwined with my hands.

We are all in this together, helping to financially support the local children who need help and research to battle the cancer that goes through our blood.  I ask that you reach higher than you have before, to help these children become contributing members of the society that we leave behind as we move on. Your contributions help provide life sustaining therapies for children, because in the last 40 years, only 4 blood cancer drugs were created specifically for children.  We can do better, and my hope in this campaign is to reach for the stars and never stop helping children as they face life threatening blood cancer, and need our help to provide research for the cure.

Linda Shay Gardner