Allentown, PA

This Sunday is Colonial Sunday at Zion’s “Liberty Bell “UCC Church in Allentown.  It is also the 250th Anniversary of Allentown’s Liberty Bell.   The Colonial Sunday service is a  commemorative service based on music and prayers from the colonial era. The Pastor will also be dressed in attire from that era.



Pastor Bob Stevens

Courtesy photos – Zion’s “Liberty Bell” UCC Church

Every year Colonial Sunday commemorates the hiding of eleven bells, including the one that became known as the Liberty Bell, in Zion’s church in 1777.   Tommerop Bell named after Matthias Tommerop, a Moravian bell maker cast this bell which was hung above Zion’s church building in 1769.
Courtesy photo: Liberty Bell Museum
If you haven’t visited the Liberty Bell Museum, this would be a good time. You will find it very interesting.  The current exhibit features the history of this artifact from the colonial era.
The Liberty Bell Museum is home of:
* An exact replica copy of the Liberty Bell … that you can ring!
* Wilmer Behler’s hand-painted mural telling the story of the hiding of the bells
* Allentown’s own “liberty bell,” cast in 1769
* Revolutionary War and Colonial America exhibits
* “Pip the Colonial Mouse”
Zion’s “Liberty Bell” UCC Church and museum is located at 620 Hamilton Street in Allentown.
Colonial themed music begins at 10:30 a.m followed by the service at 10:45.
You can also visit the church web site for more information.
Please provide extra time for parking.
The 6th Street Parking Deck is also available