Recently the Alburtis Borough Police Department announced that several people had their facebook messenger hacked.  If you receive a photo asking if the picture is you (YouTube link), do not click on it.  It will ask for your username and password. If you clicked on it, change your password right away and ignore any future requests.  If you receive links in messenger, it is best to not click on them.
It’s always a good idea to make certain there is no suspicious activity in your Facebook account and that no one hacked in.  To review a list of devices that recently logged into your account, go to Settings located at the top right in the drop down menu and from there go to Security and Login.  Review the list of devices.  If there are any you don’t recognize, please be sure to change your password immediately.  I’ve had to do this myself.  Make certain to use a strong password and I recommend using two-factor authentication.