Lyme Disease affects many.  Even here in the Lehigh Valley you often hear about it.  You may know someone who has it or may be interested to learn how you can prevent it and what you can do if you find a tick on you or your child.

Facebook LIVE Lyme Disease Prevention Q&A


St. Luke’s University Health Network is putting on a Q&A on Lyme Disease.  Join them LIVE from St. Luke’s Anderson Campus on July 12, 2017 at 12:00 pm for a Q&A on Lyme Disease with Dr. Lauren Strohm from St. Luke’s Family Practice – Palmer and Dr. Jennifer Janco, Chair of Pediatrics at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Join in on the discussion by asking Dr. Strohm and Dr. Janco your questions about Lyme Disease!
For more information, please see the following link and click on Facebook Live Lyme Disease Prevention Q&A: