A shout out to Schuylkill County State Game Warden Jason Macunas and members of the Schuylkill Haven Dive, Rescue and Recovery Team was posted earlier today on the on the Pennsylvania Game Commission facebook page. According to the post, they quickly responded to a recent report of a white-tailed deer being stranded on the frozen Owl Creek Reservoir, near Tamaqua.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the team carried equipment along a walking path through a wooded area along the reservoir until they found a section of shore that was in line with the deer.  A team member was then deployed into the water and thin ice where he pulled himself on an ice sled for approximately 550 feet until he reached the deer.

The deer was safely pulled back onto land by attaching a separate snare line around the deer’s shoulders and torso. Warden Macunas was then able to release the deer into the woods.


                                           Photos Courtesy: Pennsylvania Game Commission