Lehigh County’s State of Emergency Order is extended to July 17, 2020.   It does not affect the Stay at Home order.

Amidst confusion, Lehigh County Officials advise the public the State of Emergency does not mean a lockdown extension.


Lehigh County, PA- On May 13, 2020, the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners voted to extend Lehigh County’s State of Emergency Order to July 17, 2020. The 60-day extension will permit government officials to take further action during this crisis, such as any necessary transfer of funds or executing additional documents deemed appropriate to assist in the pandemic. However, this has caused confusion as many have misinterpreted this action as an extension of Governor Tom’s Wolf’s Stay at Home order.



Please note the State of Emergency extension is not related to the Governor’s Stay at Home order and the Board of Commissioners nor the County Executive have the authority change his order.



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At this moment in time, Lehigh County is under the Stay at Home order until June 4th. Be advised any extensions of the Stay at Home order can only be authorized through Governor Tom Wolf. The Board of Commissioners passed the State of Emergency extension in order to maintain access to emergency funding and flexibility during this difficult time.




The COVID-19 pandemic is an active and growing situation that changes daily. Lehigh County strives to safely work towards the “yellow phase” when it is deemed safe for its residents, but can only be permitted to do so under the Governor’s orders and direction.



Lehigh County’s State of Emergency Order was originally enacted on March 16, 2020.