Stroudsburg, PA

At approximately 7:42 pm on Wednesday the Stroud Area Regional Police Department were called to an incident that involved an injured male who had acid dumped on him by an unknown person.  The incident took place in an alley between North 6th Street and North 7th Street, near Scott Street, in the Borough of Stroudsburg.

The male who was burned was in severe pain.  Numerous officers responded along with firemen and ambulance personnel.  He was then taken by ambulance to the area of the Stroudsburg High School where he was flown by helicopter to a hospital.

According to the police department, “This is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the community. The investigation is ongoing and the area is secure.  All persons involved in this incident have been identified, but the names of those involved will not be released. ”   The investigation is ongoing.  No other persons were injured or harmed in this incident.