On Saturday Bethlehem Police were called out to where a Red Fox was hit by a car and lying on West Union Boulevard under the 378 overpass.   

Police stayed with the fox until Capture and Transport specialist Barbara Miller arrived and safely transported the fox to Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center cooperating veterinarian, Wright Veterinary Medical Center.

The fox received xrays and was stabilized. He had a fractured femur which is the largest bone in the body.

On Tuesday, Doctors Norris and Ortiz performed surgery plating the leg.  This type of surgery is not performed by many veterinarians.  They are truly talented and dedicated to their field.

The Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center will continue to nurse this little guy back to health.  He is resting and hopefully will be released this Spring.  He will remain there for two months.

Photos of xrays before and post surgery.