There were rescue efforts going on this evening for two hikers up at Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA.  One hiker was reported to have slid down an embankment at the lower falls according to photojournalist, Allyson Kusko.

 Jim Thorpe, Lehigh and Lausanne fire companies, along with Lehighton ALS were all dispatched to the lower falls of Glen Onoko around 7:30 p.m.

The hikers ventured off the trail against the wishes of dispatchers and first responders according to Allyson. They told dispatchers they wanted to find their own way out and did not want fire personnel.  The Jim Thorpe fire chief advised them to stay where they were because of the rough terrain in their location.

While on their way towards the hikers, crews found a small brush fire.  Crews were also dealing with trains passing through.

The hikers hiked to the bottom of the mountain and continued along the river until they were met by crews in the parking lot of Glen Onoko. Crews were assessing the hikers and shortly returned to station around 9:45 pm.