How to spot an ATM Skimmer:

Many of us are using debit cards at either an ATM or the gas pump, but what we don’t always think about is that we can be putting ourselves at risk of having our card information stolen.  The  PA State Police shared some information that I found to be very beneficial.  Please take a moment to read about how to identify an ATM Skimmer.



Using a credit or debit card at a gas pump or an ATM could put your personal banking information at risk because of a device called a skimmer.

A skimmer is a small device placed over the card reader to illegally gather data from the card’s magnetic strip. Criminals will take that information and use it to make purchases with your credit card information or even make a fake credit card with that same information.

When you’re at a gas pump or ATM, get in the habit of taking a look at the card reader. If a skimming device is installed, it may appear loose, not flush with the rest of the machine, or may have glue or tape residue. If you suspect that a skimmer is present, don’t use the machine and notify authorities.

Finally, check your credit card statements regularly for fraudulent activity. if you find anything suspicious, notify your credit card company or bank to get a new card. It’s also recommended to regularly check your credit reports to make sure no one has compromised your identity.

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