Northampton County’s Department of Parks and Recreation is closing all county parks to the public until further notice. The closure took effect Tuesday evening.  The closure is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



“We regret having to close these areas because we know how important they are to our residents,” says Lamont McClure. “But, during this pandemic, public health must take precedence over recreation. We will reopen the parks to the public as soon as it is safe.”


Archibald Johnson Conservation Area

Photo source – Northampton County 


Parks affected include: the Archibald Johnston Conservation Area, Bear Swamp, the Diefenderfer Tract, Frost Hollow, Fry’s Run, Gertrude B. Fox Conservation Area, Gracedale Open Space Lands, Louise Moore, Monocacy Meadows, Mud Run, Portland Waterfront, Wayne Grube and Wy-Hit-Tuk.


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