The Best Party Band In the Lehigh Valley

The 11-piece party band, Flirtin With The Mob, is one of the best party bands in the Lehigh Valley. They have a busy summer schedule again this year so you will have several chances to see them. They play all over the Lehigh Valley and in the Poconos and they have several gigs in New Jersey.

The Unique Makeup Of The Band

Large bands are a rarity these days. So eleven members makes them standout. The band consists of a rhythm section, a horn section and two lead singers. The horns, known as the Phat horns, is one of the unique things about this band. That section includes two trumpets, sax and trombone. With the Phat horns, the band is able to perform a large range of songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s all the way to the band

The two lead singers also enables the band to perform a large cross section of music. In addition to the two lead singers, there are three other members who alternate lead vocals on several selections as well as background harmonies.

The heart of the band is the rhythm section consisting of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. On occasion their is a percussionist.

With this extraordinary line up, Flirtin With The Mob is a band that sets themselves apart in the selection of music they provide. Corporate events, festivals, carnivals, clubs and weddings are the places you’ll find them. Their music is guaranteed to get any crowd on the dance floor having a happy time.


If you have not heard this band yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

You can see them at festivals and carnivals in the area as well as car shows and in some of the clubs. Last but not least, you can see them in Concerts that are scheduled where they perform a long list of their favorite party songs.

View their schedule at Flirtin With The Mob to stay abreast of what they are doing.