“Liquor Soaked Highway personally wants to thank Lori and everyone involved with WGOLV music for supporting us and promoting us through social media.”
— Liquor Soaked Highway

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I play in a local band and I post our gigs on various Facebook pages, but I always make sure to post them on Music in the Lehigh Valley. They do a great job of helping me promote my band and our shows. Last week they came to one of our shows, took a few videos and posted them. One of them got over 1500 views in just 24 hrs! We also received a few extra likes on our facebook page.  Music in the Lehigh Valley truly lives up to their name.  I always look for maximum exposure when I post our gigs. That’s why I always post on Music in the Lehigh Valley. It’s where I go when I want to see what’s going on.

Warren Parks

Common Bond