WGOLV is like no other publication in the Lehigh Valley.  Not only is it very popular, it is very unique. It is the place to go to find all the information you need.

I started What’s going on in the Lehigh Valley (WGOLV) several years ago.  Originally I started WGOLV to share events and news with friends in the Lehigh Valley.  I never anticipated what would happen.   It grew so rapidly and now nearly 26,000 fans later, WGOLV has become one of the most popular social media sites/publications in the Lehigh Valley. It is highly recognized. I frequently meet individuals that already are following what we do and enjoy it.

What’s Going On In The Lehigh Valley (WGOLV) covers everything throughout the Lehigh Valley from news, traffic, events, weather reports, sports, music, health & fitness to charities, benefits, missing persons, missing pets and much more. We also have a wonderful team of individuals that are active in our community. We believe in supporting and inspiring our community to be the best it can be. We honor each individual and also believe in community involvement.  We also have fans from all over. Some fans have moved out of the area or have family in the Lehigh Valley and want to stay connected.

Our information is constantly updated so that you can stay informed of the latest news and events. Our focus is on building and helping our Lehigh Valley community.

Your what’s going on girl,