Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Lori, otherwise known as LoriLee  “your what’s going on girl on WGOLV , started What’s going on in the Lehigh Valley as a hobby and something friends could turn to for information on the Lehigh Valley.  She found that there were some things not always covered by the local media sites that she wanted to inform others about. Her hobby turned into something beyond her dreams.  For the last few years she became very passionate about her dream of helping the Lehigh Valley community.  There is nothing that she loves more in life than helping others.

She attended Indiana University of PA and has a degree in Elementary Education.  She also taught Native Americans (Hopi and Navajo) in Arizona, lived in the village of Walpi (oldest village in the continent) and has a love for all people.  If there is something she can do to help someone, she will always be there to lend a hand.

Her focus has been to bring the Lehigh Valley community together in a unique way by involving the community. She honors our first responders, military, vets and has a great deal of respect for them. LoriLee also owned a large International organic baby boutique prior to starting WGOLV and spent a number of years working at home while homeschooling her four children while they were very young.  She also manufactured a very unique organic baby line that was quite popular in Hollywood. She frequently helped actresses set up their organic nursery. Her organic moses basket line was sold all over the world and she was frequently featured in books and magazines.

In addition to informing the Lehigh Valley on news, events, traffic, weather, missing persons, missing animals etc she helps promote our local musicians.  As a musician herself, she believes that it is important that they be recognized for their musical talent.  She also helps promote charities, benefits and sets up and hosts her own events.  LoriLee enjoys the outdoors, hiking, the beach, animals, photography, research, writing, attending local events and of course spending time with her four children and pets.

Kamau Kenyatta

Kamau Kenyatta


Kamau is a webmaster from Albrightsville, PA in the Poconos. In addition to being the webmaster for WGOLV, Kamau is also a professor at Northampton Community college.  For many years he  built websites for himself and others. But when it was suggested to him that he should do it as a business and another career, he took the advise and hasn’t looked back. His specialty is the WordPress format with a background in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, & BootStrap

Kamau also plays drums in the 11-piece funk band, Flirtin With the Mob who plays throughout the Lehigh Valley. Kamau says he builds websites because, “it integrates both my left brain need to focus on details and my right brain yearning to express my creativity. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Kamau spends countless hours making sure the WGOLV website functions right and looks good.