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“What’s Going On Lehigh Valley is the perfect place to post your Lehigh Valley event.  I love reading their posts for my personal life so I knew they would be a great place to advertise our event.  The process was quick and easy, and they were able to add our post at the last minute.  Stay up to date on all the best Lehigh Valley happenings – If you’re not already following on Facebook – you should be!  
Christine Burke – Manager, Marketing & Events – Dutch Springs

“I’m new to the area and I am so glad I found WGOLV. Lori helped promote the Grand Opening of my business and there was such a great turnout! I will definitely be working with WGOLV for future events!”
— Lisa Perez 

“I just moved to the Lehigh Valley and it’s a great resource to learn the area.  Thank you!”
— Lisa Wright 

“Hey Lori I just wanted to tell you I think you’re one of the kindest women here in the valley.”
— Rochelle Lynn Haupt 

“God bless all the things that you do for so many people, I know I appreciate it.  Keep your chin up. You are a rare person. Very dedicated to what you do, never give up. You rock !” 
— Michael DeCrosta 

“I strongly recommend WGOLV to anyone requiring exposure for any event, or any important news.  The customer service is second to none – always courteous, professional and willing  to help distribute the information.

I have been truly blessed in finding this incredible social media outlet – WGOLV, and I am so very thankful for the expedite news forumthey provide for the Borough of Bath, and to so many others here in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Truly #1 in my book!”
— Mayor Mirabito, Borough of Bath, PA 

“I love your site and all you do.”
— Stephanie S.

“Thank you so much for your kind work. I really appreciate your efforts.”

— Hiral P.

“Hi Lori, I’ve been following your page for awhile -it’s very informative and we share the love the Lehigh valley and music. Thanks for doing all you do for the Lehigh valley!”
— Sherri Focht

“I would like to thank ‘Whats Going On In the Lehigh Valley’ for helping to promote our 2016 Candy Cane Hunt event.  Over 700 people came out to participate in the holiday joy!  We look forward to providing more community events and look forward to working with ‘Whats going on in the Lehigh Valley’ to help make the valley a better place to live, work and play!”
— Michael Kunitz, Northern Lehigh Recreation

“I’m a big fan of your Facebook page.”
— Kelsey Leigh

“Let me say that I am enjoying working with the staff at What’s Going on in the Lehigh Valley.  I am extremely pleased with the marketing support America On Wheels Museum has received.  It’s nice to work with a business that is highly responsive and customer focused as they market and spread the word about our year-round events.  I highly recommend WGOLV to others.
— Linda Merkel, Executive Director –  America on Wheels Museum

“I LOVE WGOLV because it is the BEST and most informative site on a daily basis!!!  It’s my go to site when I want to know what’s happening in the Valley! I also share their posts regularly. Thank you WGOLV for the Great job you do every day!”
— Kathy Mills

“I love WGOLV because it updates on weather, child abduction alerts, and just what’s happening around the Valley. Awesome page!!”
— Cindi Wetzel

“I love WGOLV because I get the latest news as well as positive information and gorgeous pics of the Lehigh Valley.”
— Heather Kovalchik

“I love WGOLV because we’re new to the area and this has been a great way to learn about fun adventures for our family.”
— Mary Moran

“WGOLV is a very informative site, and very much appreciated!!”
— Colleen Getz

“I love WGOLV because it keeps me informed and is always on top of everything that is happening here in the valley.”
— Susan Grim

“I ❤️ #WGOLV because it keeps me up to speed on what is going on in our area!!!”
— Christine Jones

“I love WGOLV because it keeps me up to date faster on events occurring in the valley.”
— Laura Bodish

“I LOVE WGOLV !!!! for keeping me in the know of everything from accidents to weather….lol almost a-z, and everything in between !!!!!”
— Stephanie Wentz

“I often find that WGOLV has local breaking news and alerts much sooner than other local sources (even our local tv station)!  I also really love that I have “discovered” MANY local restaurants, businesses, and fun things to do. Instead of sifting through a bunch of different sites, I turn to WGOLV!”
— Stephanie Fegely

“WGOLV is great way to stay connected to what is happening in the area. I check it daily.”
— Gizella Milne

“Liquor Soaked Highway personally wants to thank lori and everyone involved with WGOLV music for supporting us and promoting us through social media. Lori was kind enough to shoot a video that got over 1000 views in just 3 days, Just the type of media presence needed to keep people interested in our what we do, which is exactly what all local bands need to keep them going. Lori’s tireless work promoting the local music scene is much appreciated!”

— Thanks again Lori from the boys of Liquor Soaked Highway

“I play in a local band and I post our gigs on various Facebook pages, but I always make sure to post them on Music in the Lehigh Valley. They do a great job of helping me promote my band and our shows. Last week they came to one of our shows, took a few videos and posted them. One of them got over 1500 views in just 24 hrs! We also received a few extra likes on our facebook page.  Music in the Lehigh Valley truly lives up to their name.  I always look for maximum exposure when I post our gigs. That’s why I always post on Music in the Lehigh Valley. It’s where I go when I want to see what’s going on.”
— Warren Parks – Common Bond